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Solar inline Blocking Diode

Can Solar Inc. ( designs a superb heat dissipation solar inline blocking diode for PV string. A 1,000Vdc 25A square diode directly sit on flat bottom of aluminum cast enclosure, direct passes diode heat to aluminum enclosure. It reduces dimension of traditional cabinet by moving diodes out, less cost of cabinet and less thermal accumulation inside cabinet.

Draft spec.:

 1,000Vdc 12A rated. IP67, UL94V-0, aluminum cast enclosure (Higher current is possible)

It has passed the testing of top one PV testing equipment in Japan, very hot roof top solar PV on south Taiwan factory, Japanese floating type PV farm in middle Taiwan.

亞太集能設計了一款性能優異的串聯式太陽能防逆流二極體, 採25A二極體直接鎖坐在鋁殼內底座, 獲

最佳散熱效果. 將防逆流二極體從傳統直流箱移出, 大幅降低直流箱體積、減少箱體內熱累積.

規格: 1,000V 12安培額定. IP67, UL94V-0, 鋁壓鑄殼.

它通過南台灣高溫日曬的鐵皮屋頂太陽能電場數年來的應用, 日本第一大PV測試儀器廠測試, 中台灣日資水上型太陽能場測試和應用.

Our location: Taiwan
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