• Can Solar Inc. is a R&D based company, we have our own designed products, such as battery energy storage system, solar DC PV array combiner box, solar inline blocking diode, solar powered water pump system for irrigation and, smart cloud power meter.

  • We developed micro-grid system for a USA based comapny in year 2021.

  • Can Solar Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement as a sole distributor in India for Solar and Battery Storage DC Disconnect, Breaker, Fuse/fuseholder as well as EV charger.


  • 亞太集能(有)專注於創新產品提供太陽能安裝領域,如太陽能直流匯流盒、串列(外掛式)防逆流二極體、新能源儲能系統、農用太陽能幫浦、磷酸鋰鐵電池。

  • 我們在2021年幫美國一家公司設計微電網.

  • 亞太集能與Aswich簽屬取得印度獨家經銷太陽能隔離開關, 斷路器, 保險絲(座). 亦銷售電動車充電樁.

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Our location: Taiwan


Find a Battery Energy Storage, Battery Pack?

  • all-in-one solar / utility Power Bank design and installation

  • calculating how large a battery pack for your application

Design a micro-grid System

Solar system from kW to MW, deployment in our world unique combiner box and SMA string inverter or so.

Pick DC components for solar & battery?

Afordble DC 1kV / 1.5kV solar/battery storage disconnect/breaker, fuse/fuseholder and SPD

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