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Can Solar inc.'s design concept is "Simple is the best". Our solar DC PV array combiner box has no internal wiring requirement;  our solar inline blocking diode owns superb heat dissipation capability; They all following this rule. We also present all-in-one solar / utility power bank (hybrid energy storage system; BESS) and LiFePO4 battery packs.

We distribute Aswich 1kV 1.5kV high current DC disconnect/breaker, DC SPD and fuse/fuseholder as well.

亞太集能(有)的設計理念是"越簡單越好", 我們的太陽能匯流盒內部沒有配線需要, 太陽能防逆流二極體設計簡單卻具有非常好的排熱功能, 同樣"越簡單越好"的 4kW 太陽能/市電儲能櫃. 我們也提供 12V / 24V / 48V 磷酸鋰鐵電池. 另外, 經銷Aswich的1kV 1.5kV 大電流直流斷路器/隔離開關, SPD, 保險絲(座)

Solar inline Blocking Diode

Our location: Taiwan

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

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Aswich Products

Batterry Energy Storage

Solar PV array Combiner

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