LiFePO4 (LFP) Battery Pack

Can Solar Inc. presents LiFePo4 (LFP) battery packs for energy storage purposes, which come with hardware protections and cell balancing (equalization);

current models: 12.8V 160Ah,  25.6V 160Ah,  51.2V 80Ah.   

Since cell capacity increasing fast, total kWh changes according to main stream.  Other voltage such as 384 or 480 Volt. for UPS or so upon request, please contact us.

亞太集能提供12.8V 160Ah,  25.6V 160Ah,  51.2V 80Ah 三種低壓小型儲能用磷酸鋰鐵電池. 其他電壓如384V 或 480V, 和較大容量電芯, 請聯絡我們.

Our location: Taiwan
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