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Battery Energy Storage System

  • Can Solar Inc. ( to simplify the setting for battery energy storage system for residential or office by integrating devices in a metal enclosure except solar PV panels, which incl. 4 kW MPPT solar port, 3 kW inverter and 7 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack.  

  • 為簡化以獲得使用上的方便性, 本太陽能儲能櫃已含所有必要設備, 如 4 kW太陽能/市電充電、3 kW逆變器及 7度電 磷酸鋰鐵電池.

  • To know how large your battery pack will be, for example, a load requests 100 Watt. last 24 hours. means total need 100W x 24h energy, says 2,400 Wh or 2.4 kWh. For DoD 80% is a good choice of LiFePO4 battery, the battery pack is no less than 2,400/0.8, says 3,000 Wh or 3 kWh. If for inductance load, such as motor, there's 0.8 power factor, the total battery pack need another 20% run away. size of battery pack become 3 kWh / 0.8 or 3.75 kWh. You can take a 4 kWh battery pack or above.

  • 電池大小如何計算? 舉例, 一個連續24小時100W的負載, 耗能為2,400Wh. 磷酸鋰鐵電池的DoD 80%為合理的數值. 亦即 2,400/80% 或 3,000Wh 或 3 kWh. 如果為電感性負載如馬達, 尚需考慮0.8功率因素. 電池最好選擇 3,000Wh/0.8 或 3.75 kWh. 你可以選擇 4 kWh 以上 (四度電)的磷酸鋰鐵電池.

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