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Solar DC PV array Combiner Box

Can Solar Inc. ( designs and fabricates compact size world unique solar DC PV array combiner boxes. It can be assembled in 4 minutes. 1,000Vdc 16A per port means able to handle up to 32kW per two-port combiner box. Good for indoor & outdoor application. Weather friendly.

產品精簡容易安裝, 不需內部配線, 防潑水、阻燃、防腐蝕、抗紫外光, 可用於32kW以下戶內戶外系統


Note: 本產品生產之模具, 因為塑膠注射場火燒, 已不堪使用. 本產品停產, .僅剩少數庫存成品. Stop production for hard-dies damage due to injecton factory on fire.

New: We provide 1,000V 1,500V DC 10 strings and 12 strings combiner box by applying Aswich DC disconnect, fuse/fuseholder and DC SPD. Copper busbars are adopt to reduce internal wiring.

我們開始供應 採Aswich直流隔離開關/斷路器, 保險絲(座)以及防雷突波吸收器 的直流匯流箱. 其中大量採用銅匯流排, 以增加穩定度, 減少內部電線.

Our location: Taiwan
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