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Innovative for Renewable Energy

Can Solar Inc. ( focus on own-designed products in renewable energy. Based on rich experiences in fields of electronic and solar industries, start from innovative concepts, we design, fabricate hard tooling, test, field try then reveal to market. Please check out company activities below and following product / service pages for details.

  • Battery Energy Storage, solar & utility

  • Solar DC PV array Combiner Boxes

  • Solar Inline Blocking Diode

  • LiFePO4 (LFP) Battery Packs - 51.2V 100Ah, 25.6V 100Ah, 25.6V 280Ah

  • Micro-grid system design and implementation - please contact us


亞太集能(有)致力於為再生能源研發自有產品, 開模、銷售. 目前產品如下:

  • 家用/商用儲能系統 (市電儲能 / 太陽能儲能); 7 kWh, 129 kWh

  • 太陽能DC匯流箱 ( 10 strings, 12 strings )

  • 太陽能防逆流二極體 ( 12A or higher )

  • ​磷酸鋰鐵(LFP)電池 - 51.2V 100Ah, 25.6V 100Ah, 25.6V 280Ah

  • 微電網系統設計和安裝 - 請洽談我們

New, 新訊息
4kW / 7kWh / 3kVA Super compact Energy Storage System (ESS) is now open to market !!
我們隆重推出 4kW / 7kWh / 3kVA 家用/商用超薄電池儲能櫃 ( 61W x 20D x 86H cm)

TEL: +886 2 2695-0081

2F-1, No. 27, Ln 169, Kangning St., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

​台灣  新北市汐止區康寧街169巷27號2F-1

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PV Car shed
REI 2022 EnergyExp
REI 2019 with Partners
DC disconnect
Taiwanese News of REI 2018
Jamie got TV interview
booth in Myamar
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solar combiner boxes for fishery PV farm
Jamie got TV interview for Myanmar PV market
Jamie's sharing in Experience Exchange stage, InterSolar Munich
2013 InterSolar Munich
2013 ExpoSolar Soul
2013 PV Japan
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